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Luwak Coffee

Luwak, the Asian Palm Civet eats only the prime coffee cherries chosen by itself, intact, ripe and clean.
The coffee cherries eaten by the Luwak passes its digestive tract with its natural fermentation In processing the Luwak coffee, We apply standard sanitation and hygiene but we preserved its natural, exotic and aroma. Chosing the Arabica variaty of Kintamani coffee makes Luwak coffee Tebasari the preferred and prime choice of coffee lovers around the world. The really enjoy the superb, exotic taste and aroma.

Enjoy the traditional atmosphere of Bali with us!

With the concept of Tri Hita Karana, the way of life of Balinese people, we serve for the tourists who visit our garden. A combination of Balinese daily activities can be witnessed in practice, so is a variety of tropical plants, cropped for consumption of kitchens and medicines.

We present the various activities of daily Balinese people as well as those associated with religious ceremonies. Teba Sari is located in Ubud district, olso presents a variety of crafts family as supporting agro-tourism.

We will invite tourists to surround our garden with a variety of memorable experiences. In addition, we provide coffee luwak and chocolate, and young coconut water serves with a variety of traditional Balinese snacks.

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