Officially opened on May 10, 2014, the existence of Bebek Tebasari Resto cannot be separated from Tebasari Luwak Coffee agribusiness, which is initiated by its owner, I Wayan Rebawa. Situated near each other in Banjar Kelikung, Lodtunduh-Ubud Village, Gianyar Regency, Bali, both of these tourism business develop rapidly, pursuing even leaving behind their competitor. This could happen because of the hard work and business instinct of the owner who lives by a motto of “dare to try” and has gone through a tough undoubtable process.

This Restaurant is built on an 1800square meter field with rice field scenery. Up to 80% of its building materials are using bamboo construction together with thatch roof. The touch of some big gazebos that is set side by side allows everyone to taste their dishes while enjoying the refreshing rice field view. While consisting of 2 main building and 7 gazebos, Bebek Tebasari Resto is able to accommodate the guest up to 250 persons. Other supporting facilities such as clean and well maintained sanitary, wide parking area, free Wi-Fi and shuttle service around Ubud, or the most important thing, International standard of kitchen facilities, plays an important role in supporting this business.

Bebek Tebasari Resto serves dishes through some favourite menus such as Crispy Fried Duck, Barbecued Pork Ribs, Betutu Duck, Fried/Grilled Duck; along with Tebasari’s unique chili sauce and pickles. One of those unique pickles is snake fruit pickle, in which it is usually served as a companion of Crispy Fried Duck exclusive creation from our cuisine team.

  • Bebek Tebasari - IDR 143,500++
    Breaded Crispy Fried Duck, Jukuturab, Snake Skin-Fruit Pickle, Steamed Rice and Sambals
  • Bebek Betutu - IDR 151,000++
    Roasted Duck with Balinese Spices, Jukuturab, Snake-skin Fruit Pickles, Steam Rice, Sambals
  • Iga Bakar Babi - IDR 187,500++
    Grilled Marinated Pork Ribs, Steam Rice, Sauteed Vegetables, Chili Sambal, Papaya Pickle
  • Ikan Goreng Garing - IDR 146,000++
    Breaded Crispy Fresh Water Fish, Green Papaya Pickle, Jukuturab, Steam Rice, Sambals
  • Vegetarian Burger - IDR 107,500
    Soya Bean Burger Served with Chips
  • Special Fried Rice - IDR 121,500++
    Fried Rice, Trio of Satay (Chicken, Beef, and Fish), Fried Egg, Sambals, Chilli Soya, Pickle, Shrimp Crackers



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Bebek Tebasari Resto, Lodtunduh

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